The most common ceremonies and rites of passage conducted by AFCC celebrants are:

Marriage ceremonies 

Naming ceremonies  

Funerals and Memorial Celebrations  

There are other ceremonies that are gradually becoming more prominent and more popular in Australia. These are:  

Commitment Ceremony

Entry into adolescence   
Coming of Age Ceremonies 

Significant Birthdays 
Significant anniversaries


Business Celebrations
Boat naming ceremony 

Your AFCC celebrant will be the Master of Ceremonies for your special celebration. AFCC celebrants are highly professional in their approach to any ceremony that they conduct. The celebrant will be friendly and engaging, and they will bring a warm and relaxed manner to the delivery of ceremony. Your AFCC Celebrant will listen to your ideas as a basis for creating the style of ceremony you are seeking. Your celebrant will suggest music, readings, rituals and poetry which enhance and personalise the ceremony and complement the setting.


Renewal of Vows Ceremony


The reasons marriage vows are renewed can vary depending on the couple and the circumstances:

  • Some couples simply wish to declare their continuing love to each other and their friends
  • They may wish to commemorate a milestone e.g. being married a number of years
  • Other couples may have been married overseas/interstate and now wish to   celebrate their marriage with family and friends

Some couples choose to re-enact as closely as possible what happened on their actual wedding day and this is a re-affirmation to each other. Certain words or phrases (legal issues) that are in a marriage ceremony have to be omitted from the renewal of vows. A renewal of vows ceremony can be very formal or very relaxed, but most importantly, it is an affirmation of continuing love and commitment to each other.

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While marriages between couples other than a man and a woman are not legally recognised in Australia, a commitment ceremony whereby each partner commits himself/herself to the other, is an alternative. In a ceremony similar in format to a marriage ceremony, partners commit themselves to each other, and express their love and loyalty through promises and mutual affirmations.

A structured and personalised ceremony is provided, and is designed to meet the needs of couples who cannot legally marry but wish to formalise their union as a couple.

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