Naming Ceremonies

A Naming Ceremony is an increasingly popular way to welcome a new child into the family. This is a secular (non religious) ceremony, and while it is not to be considered a Christening or a Baptism, it is gaining in popularity due to it's focus on the child and the family unit.

There is no correct time to hold a Naming Ceremony. Some parents like to have a Naming Ceremony shortly after the child's birth, but the first birthday is another popular time to hold such a ceremony.
Older children in the family can be recognised and celebrated at the same time. The age of the child or person being named is not critical, and in fact an adult can also be 'named'.

Sometimes celebrants are asked to perform a combined marriage and naming ceremony. In this instance, the naming component generally follows the marriage ceremony, and your celebrant will be able to guide you about how this can be done.

Naming ceremonies can include godparents, mentors or guardians. Guests and family members can be involved in the ceremony, and your celebrant will have many ideas including suitable readings and symbolism to create a special welcome to your precious addition.